Theme & Customization

FinDaily allows for brand customization of your emails. This includes a custom logo and background color scheme.

When any theme options are updated, you should see the changes directly reflected in the live-preview of your template. This allows you to get instant feedback on any design changes you make.


The default font can be changed via this dropdown. Note that some email clients will not render custom fonts and your email will fall back to a default of sans-serif.


Background Color

The background color will be applied to the space around the main email container (which will always be white). This allows you to match a secondary brand color to your emails.

Company Name

Your company name will be used in a few dynamic places in the email, including the footer.

Company Logo

You can upload a logo to be put into the email header, the file should be a png or jpg. We recommend a maximum width of 128px. The maximum file size you can upload is 1MB.