Zapier allows you to connect to thousands of other services and import values into FinDaily to further customize your emails.

Advanced Examples

List of items via Zapier

Adding the FinDaily App in Zapier

While FinDaily is still in Early Access, the Zapier app is restricted to FinDaily users only. You can visit this link to accept an invite to the Zapier app and get started building your integrations

Connecting Zapier to FinDaily

In Zapier, navigate to Connections and search for the FinDaily app connection.


Zapier Authentication

When the FinDaily application is selected, you'll be prompted to authenticate your account with Zapier via an API Key.


In your FinDaily account navigate to the Integrations tab on your dashboard and select Zapier (API Keys). You should see a Generate button. Clicking that will generate your API Key which you can copy and paste into the Zapier API Key authentication.

Before Email is Sent Trigger

This trigger fires 15 minutes before an email is scheduled to be sent out. This is useful if you want to perform some actions such as syncing data or updating custom variables so everything is up to date before the email is sent.

Set Custom Variable Value Action

This Action can be used to set the value of a variable you have created in your profiles Custom Variables.

Custom Variables