Data Lists

Lists can be used to display lists of similar data, whether that be invoices, customers, or anything else you want to show.


The Loop icon is for inserting lists of data. Clicking this will bring up an insert list popup.


Insert List

Similar to the Variable insertion, you can select the list of data you wish to insert. The following options control how that list of data is displayed


Sort & Limit Options


Select the list attribute you want to perform a sort operation on.

Due Date - to sort by overdue invoices


Sort the attribute in Ascending or Descending order

using ASC with Due Date will show the most overdue invoices


Only show the first X results of the list after sorting

Limit to 10 will only show the top 10 overdue invoices.

Template Control

When inserted you will see some control blocks appear in the editor, these consist of a For Eachand End block for your list.


Anything typed in between these blocks will be applied to each item of the list. To update the template filtering or list type, you can double click on the For Each block to bring up the edit panel.

List Child Variables

When your cursor position is between a start and end block your toolbar should highlight the appropriate variable insertion buttons. Clicking that will bring up the variable insertion popup, however it will only display variables which can be output from an item in the list.


The same formats are available as for regular variables and work the same way. For more information, see the Using Variables page.

🧩Using Variables

Once child variables have been inserted, you should see your live preview update with each records data replacing the variable placeholder.