Using Variables

Variables are the cornerstone of your dynamic emails and empower you to pull data from various sources to display in your emails


The toolbar has buttons for inserting variables from different data sources in the top right. The loop icon is for inserting lists of data. We have a dedicated page to help you get started with those.

Data Lists

The other buttons correspond to the integration that you have connected. You will only see buttons if you have an integration connected and data synced from it.


Inserting Variables

Clicking an integrations toolbar button will bring up a popup outlining the variables you can insert along with any formatting options you want to apply to it.


You can filter the variable choices by simply typing in the dropdown.


Formatting the variable will force it to show up in a specific way. The current supported formats are displayed in the table below.

Available Formats

Shows the variable exactly as it has been imported from the integration.
Tries to convert the variable to a valid currency string
Tries to convert to a US date representation

You'll notice that when inserted with a specific format, the variable will display an icon representing which format was chosen.


To update a format, you will have to delete the variable (this can be done by simply using the backspace key as if you were deleting text) and re-inserting it. Support for modifying existing variables is on our roadmap.