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QuickBooks Online is a cloud based app. By integrating FinDaily with QBO, you can import invoices, accounts, customers and more.

🔗 Create a New Connection

To get started, expand the QuickBooks Online configuration on the Integrations page. You will see a Connect to QuickBooks Online button.

Clicking this will start the setup process to link your account.


🔐 Login & Authorize

When prompted, login to your QuickBooks Online account and review the authorization message for connecting to FinDaily. Once ready, click the Connect button to finish the authorization process.



💾 Choose Data to Sync

FinDaily will only pull the data you want to use in your email templates.

Once connected, you can toggle various options to sync the data you want to share in the email templates.


Configuration Options

Unpaid Invoices
All Unpaid Invoices in your QBO Account
Unpaid Bills
All Unpaid Bills in your QBO Account
Customers with a Balance
All Customer records that still have a balance
Select specific account records to sync including their balance
Select specific customer records to sync including their balance

Click Update once you have selected the desired options to save the configuration. Then you're good to go 🎉


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